Who is salman khan dating at the moment

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Who is salman khan dating at the moment

Then, Ranbir Kapoor entered the whole media guessing game, leaving the people with more questions than answers; Did he really date Katrina? They were even supposedly spotted as a couple, abroad.Was the relationship broken because of his cheating ways? Not only that, Salman, who was talking about how much fun this year's IIFA ceremony is going to be, unfortunately, forgot the date it was going to take place, saying that he currently only remembers one date and that happens to be Katrina's birthday. If that's not a sign for us to seriously get our hopes up, then what is?He then went on to sing "Happy Birthday" to Kat, with the help of the other Bollywood celebrities onstage, and the audience gathered there, much to her embarrassment.

The two were even spotted dining out and chilling together on the busy roads of Mumbai many a time.In an interview recently, the Mirzya star was asked to talk about what’s actually brewing between him and Sara.The actor, however, maintaining that he doesn’t really like to shelve details about his personal life, gave a rather diplomatic answer.I don’t think there’s been anyone in my life who has reached that level of seriousness.Even if I were to date someone for months, I wouldn’t really discuss it with people a lot.

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This multi million dollar question regarding the identity of her romantic partner has not been answered to anyone’s satisfaction, but it hasn’t stopped anyone from playing the guessing game!

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