Who is nate richert dating Kenya casual dating

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Who is nate richert dating

Or more importantly who didn’t get won over by Sabrina’s first sweetheart, Harvey Kinkle?Having appeared in the show until 2003, he now works as a musician and says that acting derailed his dreams of becoming a rock star.He goes and sits with her and Jenny at lunch, and apologizes to/congratulates her, though it seems obvious he likes her.

Richert is best known for his four-year role as Harvey Kinkle, the love interest and boyfriend of the title character on the live-action television series of Sabrina the Teenage Witch opposite Melissa Joan Hart.Sabrina Spellman (wife)Una Kinkle (sister)Unnamed sister (mention in season one)Josh Kinkle (brother)Mrs. Kinkle (father)Edward Spellman (father-in-law)Diana Spellman (mother-in-law)Zelda Spellman (aunt-in-law)Hilda Spellman (aunt-in-law)Spellman Family (in-laws) Harvey Dwight Kinkle is the former high-school sweetheart of Sabrina Spellman.He was the victim of many of Sabrina's spells when they went awry, until he discovered her secret and became a reliable ally and confidant of the Spellman family.Nate released an album in 2004 called Tone Control alongside bandmate C.Duck Anderson and another solo album in 2012 titled Halogen Moon.

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Shortly after her parents are called away for totes non-fishy reasons (“foreign services” work and an archaeological dig in Peru) and she moves in with her zany aunts Zelda and Hilda, Sabrina Spellman discovers on her 16th birthday that she is a witch.