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Roleplay chat

Or if I do so, will my attempts to spark rp be invisible to most or many? I haven't been a part of any RP stuff but I believe here on NA there is a player made channel that you would be able to join (it would be something like "/chjoin entity RP" in chat) I suggest you keep asking around and you might find something similar over there.

Does the default "No RP" setting mean that most roleplayers roleplay in the "out of character" text setting as a result? I intend to make a character or two on the EU megaserver, if there is a difference in habits between Europe and the United States. To be honest, I don't think anyone I know has ever used those built in commands. From my understanding, /LFRP and /WSRP are 'out of character" channels to arrange finding other roleplayers, rather than "in character" channels in which to actually roleplay. So my understanding is currently, that roleplay happens in spatial channels [/say, /yell, /emote] but without the tag -- and that if I were to include that tag in my in character emotes and speech, a lot of [a majority of? Likewise, if I set my channels to "view RP only," I would not see any of the roleplay going on around me. It looks from this forum as though a lot of RP occurs in "Housing," rather than in the open world.

Roleplay sex chat is for adults 18 who are into any category of RP: bdsm, (legal) ageplay, character roleplay, story roleplay, anime roleplay, war rp, fantasy rp, demon rp and more.

So feel free to fully immerse yourself in a character or time period within our chatroom.

Text-based roleplaying takes place online and focuses on writing.

Live-action roleplaying takes place face-to-face; you interact with other people through talking, acting, and occasionally combat.

We have no need to hide our RP ways from the masses! Perhaps not surprising given the idea behind the megaservers. Depending on faction and server there are a few 'in-character' channels, though I only know the Entity ones. Most RP will be taking place on plots where everyone is RPing. These suggested possibilities should not be taken as declaration.

There are three main types of roleplay: text-based, live-action, and tabletop.

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