Intimidating actions by unions

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Intimidating actions by unions

The National Labor Relations Board’s annual report for fiscal year 2010 included the number of Unfair Labor Practices alleged against employers and unions.

Once again, union officials faced a disproportionately high number of allegations of wrongdoing, when compared to employers.

To ensure employees can effectively exercise their right to join a union, the Code prohibits any conduct by employers, unions or other organizations or persons that might interfere with that freedom.

Anyone who engages in conduct prohibited by the Code is said to have committed an unfair labour practice.

Therefore, it makes sense to examine what employers do that prevents outrage, as well as the ways that employees and others can promote it.

This means focusing on tactics used in struggles between employers and employees.

In 2010, the NLRB reported that: To file a ULP against a union, a union member must fill out NLRB Form 508.The history of union busting in the United States dates back to the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century which produced a rapid expansion in factories and manufacturing capabilities.As workers moved away from farm work to factories, mines and other hard labor, they faced harsh working conditions such as long hours, low pay and health risks.When most people think of labor law violations, they probably think of “Big Business.” But employees, employers, and labor organizations file thousands of charges each year called Unfair Labor Practices against unions and union officials.An Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) occurs when a union or an employer violates Section 8 of the National Labor Relations Act.

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They cannot engage in discriminatory practices respecting union membership or discipline of union members.

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