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Her husband, 36, works too, in sales — but her heftier paycheck (0K to his 0K) is the reason they’re able to afford the big house upstate, the cars, the college funds for the kids (not to mention the thousand-dollar arm candy). ’ ” Stella, 35, like an increasing number of New York women, is the primary earner in her household.“He felt like his partner had all the friends, all the money, all the success, because this person wasn’t working, and his wife was,” Munsch told Live Science.

Here, Torabi discusses the pull of primitive instincts when it comes to gender roles, the pressures men face when it comes to work-life balance, and why she felt the need to state her book is not about feminism.

With statistically more women graduating college than men, and increased employment opportunities, many women take full-time jobs that pay well.

For those in marriages without children, both spouses typically work.

These findings may be less applicable to younger couples getting married today, but all this research suggests that—for at least some contemporary couples—female breadwinner marriages can pose unique challenges.

The sociologist who led the infidelity study, Christin Munsch, was inspired to research this topic after talking to a man who had cheated upon his breadwinning wife.

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