Background investigation for internet dating

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This type of activity can be aimed at anybody who has a profile online.The fraudsters will more often than not use false identities or even invent a false background of themselves.Internet dating is increasingly popular with people looking for love and potential future spouses.

Where, for example, has the person lived and worked over the past several years? Use our Check-a-Mate Service to learn whether any of these situations apply to your special someone: We can provide you with a background investigation that can tell you what you need to know before making any life-changing commitment.

We are fully aware of the inherent dangers that single women/men can face when utilizing the internet to meet that special someone, so we have designed our services to fit into practically any budget.

STING prides itself on top level Executive Service but at a budget price.

We have the ability to expose alcoholism, drug abuse by a parent or guardian, unhealthy environment, endangerment, violation of court orders or any inappropriate behavior of a primary care giver or persons who may be in direct contact with a child.

All information is carefully documented and prepared for submission to the court.

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The results of our investigations have often been a basis for establishing custody, no contact or supervised visitation.

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