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Absolute dating numerical age geologic time

Here are three links that can help to speed your journey: 1) Get helpful hints on navigating the Geology Wing.

2) Read about the history of the geologic time scale, and find out more about how it is organized.

In Relative Time dating a specific age in years is not given.

The geologic time scale is the “calendar” for events in Earth history.

It subdivides all time into named units of abstract time called—in descending order of duration—eons, eras, periods, epochs, and ages.

This type of dating puts events in their correct chronological order based upon the sedimentary layer in which an object is found.

In the late 18 century, James Hutton developed the idea that the layers found in rock outcrops were representations of the story of time on the planet.

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I study how bone tissue, growth, and metabolism evolve at macroevolutionary time scales.